Chican@ and Latin@ Studies

College of Letters & Science


Fall 2015 Courses


Course Topic Time Professor Description
CLS 201 Introduction to Chican@/Latin@ Studies


Tu & Th

120 Ingraham Hall

Armando Ibarra 

Introduction to Chicano and Latino Studies designed to introduce students to various interdisciplinary and transnational literatures on the study of Chicanas/os & Latinas/os in the U.S.  It offers a survey of scholarly literature, paradigms, theories, and debates within Chicana/o & Latina/o studies pertaining to the historical, economic, cultural, and sociopolitical dimensions of the Chicana/o & Latina/o experience in the United States.  Such themes as migration, labor, civil rights, community development, education, gender and more.

CLS 330 Afro-Cuban Music - Roots to Jazz and Hip Hop



2441 Humanities 

Johannes Peter Wallmann


Juan de Marcos Gonzales


The 3 credit course focuses on learning about the development of Afro-Cuban music and emergence of Cuban Hip Hop from the legendary musician, composer and producer Juan de Marcos Gonzalez.


Students may also enroll for an optional 1 credit music production and recording section.



Whiteness and Racial Formation in the U.S.: Latin@s in Context


Tu & Th

346 Birge Hall



What is whiteness? Why study whiteness? How has whiteness impacted U.S. society and history? The interest in the subject of whiteness is not a purely academic pursuit.  Rather, whiteness as a discipline or mode of racial thinking was born out of real struggles over the meaning of race and policies intending re-inscribe race onto the everyday lived experience of people in the United States.  In a time of renewed attention to the importance of race and the deep power of racism in our society, this course seeks to re-familiarize ourselves with what whiteness means through an investigation of its origins, scholarship on racial theory, and the contemporary social construction of whiteness.   
CLS 461 The American West to 1850 (cross-listed with History)


 Tu & Th

1121 Humanities 

Susan Johnson   

North American frontiers through the period of the Mexican War. Major Indian cultures of North America; the frontiers and differing imperial systems of Spain, France, and England; and the westward movement of the United States through 1850.  Prereq>  So st



Chican@ Movements - Inquiry engagement with queer aand feminist Chican@



Education Bldg L155



The course will investigate Chican@ movemement from the perspective of feminsts and queer people. We will spend some time discussing what is known as The Chican Movement in the United States, but the majority of our shared inquiry will be an engagmenet with queer and feminist Chican@ writings about, abd froom movement efforts.
CLS 699 Directed Study      

Credits for self- directed student learners conducting independent reading and research under the mentorship and guidance of a faculty member.


CLS Equivalency/DARS Exception 


Poli Sci 422 Latino History and Politics


 Tu & Th

6116 SocSci

Ben Marquez & Francisco Scarano       

Students will examine the historical, social, political, economics, and cultural experiences and conditions of Latinos, the second largest US racial/ethnic minority group. Course focus is on people who trace their orgins to Mexico, the Caribeena, and courtries of Latin America.


HDFS 474    Racial Ethnic Families in the U.S.                  


Tu & Th

2235 Nicholas Hall 

Lynett Uttal              

This course will examines the diversity of family life and human development across and within racial ethnic groups in the United States as shaped by race, ethnicity, culture, biculturalism, and the social contexts of history, economics, immigration, and socio-political conditions.


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